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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Week in Review

 Happy Saturday!!

1. Had a fantastic week. Halloween was not what I expected.  My husband and I bought so much candy, expecting a big turn out, but only about 10 kids came by the house.  I figure I can use some of the candy for baking and the rest I'm sure will disappear over the holidays when my nephews come to visit.

2.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I'm actually already working on my menu.  This year I want to add a couple of new dishes to the list.  I'm going over my books and magazines trying to figure out what I'm making.  What are those favorite dishes you make during Thanksgiving?  Are you making your desserts from scratch?  I always do, pies, cheesecakes, flan, cookies...I go all out. 

3. As I mentioned on my previous "The Week in Review", I"m selecting a cooking book every week from my collection, from where I will choose a couple of recipes to cook in the upcoming week.   I have selected "Big Book of Home Cooking" By Gooseberry Patch.  This book has fabulous recipes that I'm really excited to try out this week.  This book covers everything from appetizers to delicious desserts.  Can''t wait to surprise you with my recipe choices.  Stay tuned!!

4.  This week the Pomegranate Cosmo was a hit.  This drink is a good relaxing drink that you can make on a Friday right after work.  If you are having friends over, this would be a perfect drink. 

5. What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm doing some shopping, I need some new makeup from M.A.C Cosmetics, so I will be heading to Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.

6.  For those of you that like jewelry I do own a jewelry website, Cayman's Jewels.  I offer Silver jewelry, Stainless Steel and Custom Jewelry too.

7.  Don't forget to change the clocks back tonight. 

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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