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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Week in Review

Happy Saturday!!

1.  First let me just say Happy New Year!!  I hope this year brings us lots of love, compassion, understanding, peace and good health.

2.  I took a few days off from posting to the blog.  I had some homework to do being that I will start posting healthier dishes on Monday.  I've been going through many of my books and writing down some of my healthier recipes so that I can share them with you.   Since Valentines Day is next month, I will eventually post some chocolate recipes that you can make for your significant other on that special day. 

3.  I have many light cooking books, so I will be going through those picking out some of their best recipes. 

4.  Are there any recipes that you would like to see posted on the blog?

5.   Did you see the list of my favorite dishes?  I had a hard time picking those out because there were many favorites.  How about the most popular ones by everyone that has been to my blog?  That list was pretty good too, there were a few that were favorites of mine on that list.

6.  I really don't have any new year resolution.  I just want to go back to eating healthy as I have been doing for many years.  In the last year I have not been following any kind of diet, and I really need to.  But if you have a new year resolution,  good luck, and I hope it gets accomplished.

7.   Well have a great weekend, I will see you back on Monday!!

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