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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Week in Review

Happy Saturday!!

1.  Had a great week, relaxed, cooked a few wonderful dishes and read a little bit.  How was your week?

2.  As you all know I collect cooking books and I buy them wherever I find them.  I like going to Goodwill because they are only $2.98, no matter what kind of books they are.  I often get lucky with books that were just released within the last few years, that normally retail for over $20.00 dollars.

This week I decided to go to a Thrift store right by my house.  I couldn't believe their prices.  All hardcover books were 4 for $1.00 and softcover were 8 for $1.00, I was shocked.  Now the only difference between the Goodwill that I go to and the Thrift store is the organization.  At Goodwill books are sorted out..but at the Thrift store you have to look because they are all mixed in.  But That's okay with me.  I will find that book in the biggest mess.  I had so much fun, I can't wait to go again.

So, if you are looking for books, any kind of books go to your nearest Goodwill or Thrift store and check there first before spending too much money at a book store. 

3.  I made a few good things this week.  My first dish as promised to one of my followers, the Strawberry Shortcake.  This dessert is fantastic any time of the year.  The biscuits were crunchy on the outside and nice and soft in the inside.  I sliced the strawberries and made homemade whipped cream.  It was a hit.  This is a dessert you can make for Valentine's Day for your special someone.

The next dish I made was Chicken Piccata.  What can I say about this dish, it was amazing.  My husband still talking about it.  He said next time make sure to double the recipe.  The chicken was tender, with a nice lemon taste.  It was another hit.

Then I was craving cornbread.  I decided to make a Southern-Style Skillet Cornbread.  This particular cornbread is made without flour and sugar.  I had never had it like that, but I was actually happy.  It had a very intense corn taste and it was so soft, it melted in your mouth.

I finished the week with a nice drink on Friday.  I Made a Sour Appletini.  That was a nice way to end the week.  I was a little sour, but really good. 

4.  As you might know I got a little puppy a few weeks ago, his name is Caico.  I already have an 8 year old name Cayman.  Caico is getting so big, when I got him he was 2 pounds 3 ounces and as of last week he is 3 pounds.  I'm sure by now he has gained some more weight because he eats like a horse.  Cayman and Caico are starting to bond, and that makes me happy because Cayman was pretty upset at first.

Cayman and Caico now are playing and even eating together.  But there are times when Caico wants to play and Cayman wants to sleep, so Cayman gets a little upset.  But they are working it out.

5.  Well this month is halfway through.  Next month is Valentine's Day.  What are your plans?  I will make more dishes this week that you can make on that day, so stay tuned.

6.  Well, have a fantastic weekend, I will be home doing my homework on what I'm cooking this week.  Get in your kitchen and cook something good today.  Please post comments, let me know if there is anything you want me to cook and post.  Remember to share my blog and my recipes with your friends and family.  Thank you!!!

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